Disturbing trend
by admin, 12/05/09 10:28:53


Acting Police Commissioner Owen Ellington on Thursday revealed a disturbing trend in which law enforcement officials are acting as body guards for gang members.

Mr. Ellington made the revelation at a press conference following reports that not one, but two policemen were involved in a bizarre shoot-out in Clarendon Wednesday morning.

The incident involved a running gun-battle between members of the Portmore, St. Catherine based Boston Gang, one of whom appears to have employed a policeman as part of his security detail.

The policeman was said to be escorting the Boston Gang members to and from court.

Acting Police Commissioner Ellington told journalists Thursday afternoon that the policeman was not the only cop allegedly involved in the case.

"Following this shooting incident, searches conducted by the police turned up a number of individuals among which are two policemen, one from the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the other from the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF). Investigations are continuing and those will either prove or disprove the involvement of either individual in criminal activities," he said.


source: YardFlex